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“Our mantra at Newport SEO is simple: Exceed Client Expectations.”

We are a full-circle, custom-design focused resource for Internet marketing, search engine optimization, web site design and development, search engine marketing and social media marketing.

Here’s how we turn your site into a continuous source of online revenue…

Technical Evaluation

First, we put on a virtual set of shoes and pace through your web site taking note of any hurdles that need to be crossed in order to place your site ahead of the competition on major search engines — a must in a world where more and more commerce takes place on the web. This step requires us to examine a site’s architecture, links and analytics of how real people actually arrive at your site.

Step Into Their Shoes

Second, we literally put on your customers’ shoes — well, almost literally. For example, if you sell high-performance auto parts, we’ll sit in on your sales calls, ensure your marketing coincides with search engine queries and examine the usability of your online store. We’ll find clever ways to increase your conversion goals, recurring customers and ultimately your bottom line. Our focus is on a systematic, all-encompassing approach. The dollars are in the details.


Upon completing this meticulous walk through, we will have discovered what steps must be taken to drive your web page to the crest of the search engine queries that convert to real dollars. We then implement the adjustments and apply multi-variable testing to further prescribe the most compelling combination of content and usability. Everything is tracked using detailed analytic tools with results-based, easy-to-follow reports.

Bathe in Success

At Newport SEO, not only do we understand the web — we embody the entrepreneurial spirit that makes a business successful in the near and long term. We would not have experienced the explosive growth we have to date if we did not find a champion combination of technical skill and old-fashioned business know how.

We look forward to maximizing your web-based business opportunities and making your site a more personalized experience for your consumer.

Meet Us

 We love it when our clients take the time to stop by and say hello. Our doors are always open and we are more than happy to show you our facilities. Meet the gang: Craig Neil Jeremy Jennings Nathan Negri David Mooers.

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