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January 14th, 2009

Affiliate Summit West 09

I had a chance to make it out to Affiliate Summit West this weekend to meet and greet some affiliate marketers and check out that scene a bit. Some interesting people in that business, I learned a thing or two about creating a 5 page website that can rack in millions. Not to mention a couple of really lucrative deals that our clients can get into.

Here’s a pic with me hanging out with Shoemoney and Nick Throlson.

Craig Neil - Jeremy Shoemoney - Nick Thorlson

Brief recap of night one:  Affiliate Meet Market, checked into the Hard Rock, stopped by a buddy’s house for the end of the Chargers game :-(   then over to Nine for the best damn hamburger in the world, up to the Playboy Club, then to Moon, then to Bank at the Bellagio, back to Hard Rock to lose some money at 6am on craps.