What if You Ranked Number 1
November 15th, 2008

Matt Cutts: I’m Innocent, I swear

Dear Mr. Big G, Matt Cutts, Whoever:
“It wasn’t me”…I know I’ve told my girlfriends this in the past with marginal success of getting off the hook for various infractions.  Try to explain this picture at the Playboy Mansion after a night of un-returned phone calls. Umm…my battery died?Explain This

But seriously, in this case I’d like to say it wasn’t me and I’m willing to not only document my proof, I’m ready to let you know up front before you find out.  Obviously I’m talking about cheating here, and it’s not the usual antics I’m referring to, this time we’re talking SEO.  Link building specifically.

What if there was a way for me to call ahead of time, let my girlfriend know that I’d be at the mansion all night and most likely predisposed for the majority of the early morning hours??

We have a client with thousands of backlinks, and a lot of them aren’t very pretty.  We’re still trying to figure out how so many horrible links from dirty, shady places came about, but the ugly truth at this point is that they’re there and they aren’t going away anytime soon.  So Matt Cutts, I’m asking you for a tool in Webmaster central that will allow me to wash our hands of these dirty links, be it paid, maliciously added or otherwise created (but not by us).

Why not have a way for us to expose the links we’d like to internally mark as “do not include”, or “I didn’t do it”, instead of penalizing our client’s rankings for items beyond our control.  Isn’t your motto “Don’t be Evil“?  Let us help you, help us to not be evil by offering a simple link explanation tool.  And if you need to find me, I’m back at the office now.