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March 13th, 2008

Newport SEO is off to the races

Craig-AmadorI started my Saturday morning off with a little workout. Appropriately enough “Muscle Cars” was on the tv in the gym. They were restoring an old El Camino – threw on some fresh paint then took it for a spin and did a huge burnout. This sparked my interest as I was on my way to meeting a potential client, Amador from Laguna Speed Shop, at a jet boat show on Irvine Lake.

Dual Jet BoatI got to the boat show and was able to take a look at some mini-marvels of water racing. My (hopefully soon-to-be) client showed me a little boat with a huge motor and dual jets. Later they fired up the motor. It nearly blew out my ear drums as the roar of the engine rumbled through the inside of my lungs. Not bad for a 17ft, 120mph boat.

It was time for a little suprise as I had called a buddy of mine on the way to the boat show for a couple of tickets to the Long Beach Grand Prix . All Access Formula CarAmador said he had time to go with me (hard to turn down free pit passes), so we hopped in the cars and headed to the races in Long Beach. This is where we reach a fine line of getting to know our clients and down right schmoozing. But was it really my fault that I happen to know a bartender there that offered us all the free cold beer we wanted? It also turned out that the passes we picked up on the way were employee passes. This got us nearly everywhere we wanted to go. I slipped passed a security guard, walked about 10ft from the track during a live race and snapped a few shots of a formula car. Notice I’m on the side of the fence with no crowd.

Of course between ear shattering formula car passes we chit chatted about ways to improve Laguna Speed’s online presence, as well as frustrations and obstacles they’ve met with past SEO projects. I felt we touched base pretty well with previous Internet marketing endeavors and I gained a better perspective of who they are and who their customer is.

Jim Lindberg, Pennwise Pit - Long Beach Grand PrixNext it was over to see Pennywise. It was nice to see a punk band setup like they weren’t supposed to be there on the steps of the Long Beach Performing Arts Center. We almost didn’t make it to the show because the authorities had blocked the main entrance for crowd control. Our staff passes came in handy as we slipped right past security and into the concert. The crowd was a little rowdy towards the pit area, but that was to be expected. We saw a paraplegic in the pit that undoubtedly shouldn’t have made his wheelchair into the area but he looked like he was having fun nonetheless. Long Beach Riot GearLead singer Jim Lindberg even gave him a shout-out dubbing him “Wheels”. I think we both had mixed feelings when we saw him later with a bleeding black eye and a huge grin from ear to ear. Riot gear was on the horizon so it was about that time. We got home without incident, and I have a meeting scheduled for a follow up next week. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I make it out of this proposal with minimal amounts of bloodshed.