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May 3rd, 2008

Newport SEO at the Red Bull Air Race

Newport SEO - Redbull Air RacesWe decided to beat the traffic, CHP and parking lot attendants by taking the train to San Diego. It turned out to be a smart move. The Saturday traffic looked pretty thick on the 5 south (as usual). The train ride was pleasant and we were able to bring our own choice of beverage aboard. Our Santa Fe stop was only about two blocks from where a table awaited us at a waterfront restaurant in Bayport Village. Our pictures make it clear we had a prime location to be envied by the crowd and even those who had paid for premium seating. We were in the shade with a view and excellent service.
It was my first time to the air races so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I hadn’t seen such a marvel of aerial acrobatics since seeing the Blue Angels over Pearl Harbor many years ago. It was honestly much harder to get a picture of the planes simply flying straight. It seemed that not a split second would pass before the pilots would either flip the plane on its side or jolt it straight up into the air. The only disadvantage of our restaurant location was that it was hard to follow what was actually going on at the races. The commentator was just out of earshot and the restaurant had failed to offer video syndication on a big screen, but the sheer excitement of watching the planes fly in between, up and over the inflatable pylons was enough to keep most anyone at the edge of their seat.

We haven’t quite grasped where we can fit Newport SEO into the next air race, but we know one thing for sure, we’ll certainly be at the next competition as this is an event not to be missed.