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January 14th, 2009

SEO License Plates

SEO License Plate

The DMV has a strange way of sucking the fun out of anything. The pinnacle of my excitement for my new plates occurred the second that I clicked the buy button on dmv.ca.gov. I thought it was too good to be true: SEO was available for a license plate, especially in California. Then I forgot completely about the order until our Marketing Director asked me about the plates “Did you really get that license plate, or did they make a mistake” popped up on my Gtalk about three months after I ordered them. Two months after that, they finally came. Nearly six months from my online order, I’m the proud owner of SEO on the back of my car.

Where does the DMV get the plates made?

I’m thinking in the hills of Mongolia somewhere pressed out by hand, then painstakingly screen printed several dozen times with a paint that has an unusually long curing time. Then the plates must be rickshawed by a one legged dog to the North Korean coast where of course customs has a huge delay. From there they make it to a 21ft sloop that carefully navigates the pacific and hand delivers each plate to San Pedro. Once there, only the DMV can accept the plates, obviously USPS is too poor of a shipping method to make it to my front door. This also allows the DMV to meet and greet their customers and assign them with a number like G87 (very discouraging as you hear A10 ever so faintly from the one working corner speaker).

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase, and the level of personal service received from the DMV. But how is it that I can order 1000 custom t-shirts and have them arrive at my front door in two days and it takes the DMV six months to will-call two license plates?