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Craig Neil

About Craig Neil
Craig was apparently infected by some sort of technology bug back in 1992 when he was 12 years old. Living in Tokyo, Japan he discovered how technology could streamline even the most basic functions. His best friend there had a networked home with a PC in every room – even the kitchen. The family would send messages to each other announcing dinner was ready, take out the trash, etc. Nerdy as it might be, he began coding functions for the operating systems of the day. While he was out there, he was able to pick up a job as an under age summer intern making $4/hr converting paper drawings to AutoCAD for a U.S. Government civil-engineering department. Not bad for a little tike.

Somehow making his way to Socal, Craig started his first company, Hologram Entertainment at the age of 17. He specialized in throwing events, promoted mostly through guerrilla marketing tactics. Until one day an opportunity arose to throw a mainstream, full-scale concert & skate contest. 10,000 attendees, 100 of the world’s best street skaters, 20+ music artists and a few hundred grand later – the mags quoted pro skaters mentioning it as their favorite event, ever. At this point, Craig decided to call it quits for the event production industry and take his marketing efforts to somewhere big: The Internet.

Since 2000 he has run a consulting business focused on website & graphic design, custom software development, database management, and of course internet marketing. While owning and operating several companies, he has been a consultant and has sat on the boards of several corporations.

What does Craig do for Newport SEO?

Craig brings home the bacon, the OG of Newport SEO. He’s a teacher here as well as a student. Craig brings everything he knows about search marketing to Newport SEO and divvies out the information like hot cakes. When he’s done serving it up, he handles anything from masterminding intense SEO strategies to executing tactics that effectively crush the competition which might include a bit of coding, design and covert operations.

10 Fun Facts About Craig:

      -Loves his cute little baby girl more than anything, period.
      -Lives on the beach, literally.
      -Grew up mostly on Oahu in Hawaii – eh howzit braddah?
      -Hates traffic.
      -Has pissed of more women than you can imagine (although he is apparently learning, albeit slowly).
      -Prefers plain tofu over a greasy burger.
      -Tears it up on a Mountain bike.
      -Loves surfing but doesn’t paddle out enough.
      -Quoted as being: “An enigma wrapped in a riddle”.
      -Enjoys building business empires and crushing his competition.

How Can One Get in Touch with This Lovely Gentleman?

Email: craig at newportseo.com
Phone: 949-485-6586
Twitter: http://twitter.com/newportseo
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/craigneil