What if You Ranked Number 1

About David Mooers:

Description: What can you say about David Mooers that you can’t say about the empire state building; tall and well-built.
Born: Feb 18th, 1984 (that’s right, Aquarius)
Education: Bachelors of Science from CSU, Chico.

What does David do for Newport SEO and how did he get here?

David is a Sales Consultant. What hasn’t David done? Every odd-job, small business, and event imaginable. During his stay at Club Med as a water sports instructor/entertainer, David was known for his networking skills, social skills, outgoing personality as well as his professional attitude and experience with people from all around the globe. He brings his passion for life and success to Newport SEO as well as his entrepreneurial spirit and his thirst for learning.

Get to Know This Gentle Giant in 15 seconds or less:

      -Easily seduced by women who give him food.
      -Loves volleyball more than anything except family, friends and food.
      -Has a weakness for Cheetos.
      -Wishes he could grow an impressive beard.
      -Is a sucker for any casserole.
      -Would love to have a drink and talk business with you.
      -Doesn’t understand why Roni Deutch says her name so funny on commercials.
      -Plays a mean game of Bocce ball.
      -Had following nicknames: White Mountain, Tower of Power, D-Money, Manatee and you know that one tall guy who kinda looks like a much better looking version of Michael Phelps.

How does one contact this man:

Email: david at newportseo.com
Good ol’ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1425364829&ref=profile
Email for cell phone.