What if You Ranked Number 1

Search Marketing Director, Newport SEO

I have the fortunate task of getting into your customers’ shoes. It is my job to make sure your web site makes it effortless for your patrons to invest in your product or service.

I love this job. It is my philosophy that a marketer has to have an intimate knowledge of what he is selling. I deeply research each one of our clients’ wares, including testing the products out when it is appropriate. As luck would have it, this is Newport SEO’s ideology as well.

The whole of my career has been in marketing. It is my opinion that any marketing campaign must run full-circle from product, to promotion to purchase, whether it be online or in-person. Seeing the fruits of what solid Search Engine Optimization can do to produce new revenue is what sparked my interest in learning everything available about popping up first on Google and every other major search engine. Now it’s what pays the bills.

When I am not creating broad-reaching market campaigns I am riding my beach cruiser or fishing for halibut off the California Coast. If you’re interested in fishing you might find my moniker, Halibut Slayer, splashed across sport fishing message boards.

My other interest is in my long-term girlfriend, who doesn’t mind that I spend many of my spare minutes fishing — so long as I bring home something to grill!

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